ICGAB 2017

The 1st International Conference on Green Agro-industry and Bioeconomy 24-25 October 2017, Malang Indonesia

Global industrial expansion to foster economic growth entails severe damaging impacts on the environment, commonly derived from multiple sources including natural resource exploitation, fossil fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions, and deforestation. Thus, developing a resource efficient, climate-friendly technology, and low carbon economy have risen as the worldwide’s demands and ambitions by 2050. With the estimation of the current global bioeconomy market worth at US$2.7 trillion, and a growing population of 2-3 billion people in the next 40 years accounted for increasing global food demand by 70%, green agro-industry is expected to play a substantial role. The creation of bioeconomy through the expansion of green agro-industry thus can create sustainable jobs/industries contributed to overall economic growth for sustainable development, whilst maintaining natural resourses/biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and increasing opportunities in the agricultural sectors.

Indonesia, as a major supplier of several agricultural products worldwide, is also globally known as one of the main agroindustry countries. With a rapidly growing interest on green agro-industry and potential optimisation for food security and bio-based products with green supply chain and eco-standardisation, it is important to accelerate the innovation and adoption of more sustainable and renewable resources/biomass, bioenergy, process, and technology, with fewer environmental impacts, less amounts of waste and carbon footprint. Yet, the transition toward a global and circular bioeconomy through green agro-industry is far more than the complex of the progression and innovations in research and technology, technical performances, sustainable biomass procurement and valorisation, policy-making, societal and multidisplinary rethinking process. A call for disemminating knowledge, sharing of the success stories, and encouraging international collaboration of interdisciplinary stakeholders, is therefore essential to foster competitive green agro-industrial development and tackle associated challenges in the developing world.

This conference is intended to inform and communicate to wider stakeholders aiming to increase awareness on the sustainable development in the circular bioeconomy context. This event will also provide a platform where local and international academia or researchers, policy makers, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to translate technology, exchange ideas, provide feedbacks, and help in developing guidelines for shaping a worldwide green economy.


The conference invites contributions on the following topics but not limited to:

Organic Farming
Urban farming
Slow-Release Fertilizer
Precision Agriculture and Farming
Agricultural Machineries and Robotic
Pest and Diseases Management in Agriculture
Integrated Soil Fertility Management
Land and Water Management
Climate Change and Biodiversity Protection
Resources Saving Technology
Agricultural Ergonomic
Food Security
Animal Husbandry Management and Technology
Fisheries and Aquaculture
Silviculture and Agro Forestry
Empowerment and Agricultural Extension
Postharvest Technology
Food Processing Technology
Food Microbiology
Food Nutrition
Food Safety
Food Sensory
Nutraceutical Products
Functional Foods
Eco-Food Tourism
Eco-Food Culture and Consumer Studies
Cleaner Production
Environmental Friendly, Reusable and Recyclable Packaging
Food Quality Management
Environmental and Eco-Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Strategic Risk Management
Agroindustrial Management System
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Tecno-economic assessment
Free Trade and Global Legislation
Land Conversion and Use Policy
Taxation, Incentive and Regulation
Natural Resources Efficiency Policy
Food Law
Halal Assurance and Policy
Eco-Labelling and Certification
Food and Organic Waste Recovery and Recycling
Solid waste Management and treatment
Water pollution and treatment
Hazardous waste and waste treatment
Industrial Ecology
Environmental toxicology
Carbon, energy and nutrient footprint
Life Cycle Assessment
Waste and Environmental Policy/Regulation

Wind energy
Algae-based Fuels
Hydrogen Production Technology and Fuel Cell
Solar Thermal Technology
Geothermal Technology
Membrane Technology
Industrial Biotechnology
Biomass and Bio-based Products
Enzyme and Microbial Technology
Microbial Strain Improvement

Important Dates and Deadline

Abstract Submission15 September 2017
Abstract Review and Evaluation by The Programing Commitee16-23 September 2017
Abstract Acceptance Notification24 Sepetember 2017
Manuscript (full paper) Submission Deadline11 October 2017
Early Bird Registrationbefore 5 October 2017
Conference Day24-25 October 2017


The Poster Awards ceremony is one of the highlights of the Conference Closing, placing emphasis on the most outstanding Visual Presentations of each topic.

Programme Committee member, will coordinate the review experts who will assess the quality of the poster contents reported and the quality of the graphic presentation. The awards will be announced on Wednesday morning and delivered as part of the Conference Closing where the winners will be invited on stage with the winning posters projected simultaneously.
The winners of the awards will be announced with a dedicated email and with scrolling messages on the screens throughout the conference centre.

The Poster Awards Ceremony will take place during the Closing Session on Wednesday, 25 October 2017.