About Malang Raya

The term Malang Raya covers the area of Malang City (Kota Malang), Batu City (Kota Batu) and Malang Regency (Kabupaten Malang).Ā  The area is scattered from the north (85 km from Surabaya) to the south (Hindian Ocean) and from the west and southwest a mountainous area with the peak of Mount Arjuno (3.339 m) and Mount Kawi (2.651 m), to the east a mountainous area with the peak of Mount Semeru (3.676 m) and Mount Bromo (2.392 m). Ā This type of landscape and elevation, results in mild climate with average temperature of 27Ā°C. The day average temperature is 31Ā°C (24-33Ā°C) and the night average temperature is 26Ā°C (22-29Ā°C) which varies between seasons (dry and rainy seasons).

The tropical climate of Malang Raya with significant rainfall throughout the year is a good combination for agriculture. The highland of Batu city and Malang regency produce variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers and has been a major area for tea plantation since the Dutch colonial. The lowland of Malang regency produces rice, corn, cassava and sugarcane. Malang city grows as a centre for trade and industries.

Malang city is nested within the Malang regency and a home to 800 thousands inhabitants, Batu city has population of 170 thousands, while Malang regency has more than 2 million inhabitants clustering in the Malang valley. However, with the population density of 6000 inhabitants/km2, Malang city is the second most populous city in East Java.

Malang has a strong reputation as a centre for higher education and learning in Indonesia. There are 17 state and private universities and colleges as well as 2 international schools in Malang. University of Brawijaya is one of state universities in Malang, has made its rank into the top 6 universities in Indonesia.

Malang Raya is a centre of tourism, owing various places of interest from beaches along the Hindian Oceans in Malang regency to mountainous area in Batu and Malang regency which becomes one of the popular destinations in Indonesia attracting both domestic and international travellers. Ā Malang is not only blessed with beautiful nature but is also rich with cultural heritage, historical sites and art maintained harmoniously along with the pace of modernization and industrialization.