ICGAB 2021

Welcome to the ICGAB 2021 on 6-7 July 2021 in Malang, Indonesia


Implementation of IoT to achieve Food Security and Green Agroindustry

The previous ICGAB 2020 has been successfully addressing emerging technologies and the integrated information system for sustainable agroindustry. Such technology, innovation and information system are becoming critical for shifting agroindustry from conventional practices to be more sustainable. Therefore, Indonesia needs to strive and adapt to the integration of the information system and agroindustry by the internet of things (IoT) implementation. Such approaches may create opportunities for expanding sustainable agroindustry as well as to achieve food security.

The 5th ICGAB 2021 this year aimed to communicate and disseminate research experiences, technology innovation, research and technology advances, and case studies related to the implementation of the internet of things (IoT) to achieve food security and green agroindustry. More general agroindustry topics also available for the conference. This event provides a scientific platform that enables both local and international academia, researchers, policymakers, industry leaders, professionals, and other stakeholders to build networks, share ideas, and create research collaboration. ICGAB 2021 is hopefully offering all participants to engage with the practices and implementation of IoT and information systems to further develop the green economy in Indonesia by creating sustainable agroindustry.

Since 2017, ICGAB has been successfully attracting more than 1100 participants from various countries. This year, we are proud to invite participants to the 5th ICGAB on 6-7 July 2020 through Online Conference. ICGAB 2021 is organised by the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya in collaboration with International Association of Agro-based Engineering and Technology (IAAET). As part of the ICGAB event, an International Workshop for Industry (IWI) will also be set up on the second day. Keynotes from industries will be addressing IoT in Industry in the workshop.

We are also partnered with IOP Publisher to publish selected manuscripts in the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Non-selected papers will be published in our electronic ICGAB proceeding with registered ISBN or recommended to be published in our International Journal ā€œAdvances in Food Science, Sustainable Agriculture and Agroindustrial Engineering (AFSSAAE)ā€™.

Online Conference

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic issue all over the world, ICGAB 2021 will be held as an ONLINE CONFERENCE (REMOTE PRESENTATION) THROUGH VIDEO MEETING



Prof. Masahiro Ikeda (Pharmacology – University of Miyazaki – Japan)

Prof. Hiroyuki Sakakibara (Food Science and Nutrition – University of Miyazaki – Japan)

Prof. Jenshin Linn (Department of Food Science, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology-NPUST, Taiwan)

Prof. Jong Hoon Chung (Seoul National University, South Korea) – Biomaterial

Prof. Tsair Wang Chung (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan) – Bioprocess Engineering

Prof. Taufiq Yap (University Putra Malaysia ā€“ Malaysia)

Prof. Irwandi Jaswir (International Islamic University Malaysia)

Assoc. Prof. Dogan Karagan (Yilditz Technical University, Turkey)

Assoc. Prof. Lynsey Melville (Birmingham City University, UK)

Dr. Sarika Jain (World Biogas Association-UK)

Dr. Antoine Kemperman (Univ Twente, Belanda) – Water Treatment/Membrane

Dr. M. Roil Bilad (Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia) – Membrane Technology

Dr. Syazwani Idrus (University of Putra Malaysia, Putrajaya Malaysia)

Dr. Chan Weng Howe (Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computing – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Dr. Mohd. Saberi Mohamad (Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computing – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Prof. Rindit Pambayun [Indonesian Food Technologist Association (PATPI)]

Prof. Misri Gozan [Indonesian Biotechnology Consortium (KBI)]

Dr. Siswa Setyahadi [Indonesian Society for Microbiology (PERMI)]

Dr. Adi Joko Guritno [Indonesian Association of Agro-industry Technologist (APTA)]

Dr.rer.nat. Maria Goretti M. Purwanto (Technobiology Faculty, Universitas Surabaya – IPSBI)

Dr. Eng. Ir. Priana Sudjono [Institut Teknologi Bandung – Indonesian Society of Sanitary and Environmental Engineers (IATPI)]

Dr. M. Sintorini [Universitas Trisakti – Indonesian Society of Sanitary and Environmental Engineers (IATPI)]

Prof. Imam Santoso (Dean – Faculty of Agricultural Technology)

Prof. Simon Bambang Widjanarko (Agricultural Product Technology – Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya)

Prof. Bambang Suharto (Agricultural Engineering – Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya)

Prof. Harijono (Agricultural Product Technology – Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya)

Prof. Sumardi HS. (Agricultural Engineering – Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya)

Prof. Wignyanto (Agroindustrial Technology – Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya)

Prof. Yunianta (Agricultural Product Technology – Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya)

Prof. Teti Estiasih (Agricultural Product Technology – Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya)

Prof. Elok Zubaidah (Faculty of Agricultural Technology)

Prof. Tri Dewanti (Faculty of Agricultural Technology)

Prof. Sutiman (Biology – Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

Dr. Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono (Faculty of Agricultural Technology)

Hendrix Yulis Setyawan, PhD (ICGAB Chairman)
Dimas Firmanda Al Riza, PhD (International Workshop for Industry Chairman)
Muhammad Nurcholis, Ph.D (Secretary)
Ahmad Zaki Mubarok, PhD
Freini Dessi Effendi, S.TP.,MP (Treasury)
Lestari Wahyu Ristiani, SE
Widyanti, SP

ICGAB Administrative Division
Wenny B Sunarharum, STP, M Food.St., PhD
Dego Yusa Ali, STP, MSc
Dina Wahyu Indriani , S.T.P, M.Sc
Dr. Rini Yulianingsih, STP, MT
Fenty Nurtyastuti E.P., STP, M.Si
Vindhya Tri Widayanti, STP, MP
Inggit Kresna Maharsih, STP, MSc
Trias Yuliani, SE
Elisa Indarti, SE
Inneke Kusumawati, SPi
Istyaningsih, A.Md
Rochmat Hidayat, A.Md
Mega Yuda Rukmana, S.Kom

International Workshop for Industry Administrative Division
Putri Setiani, STP. MES, PhD
Ubaidillah , S.TP., M.Si
Azimmatul Ihwah, SPd, MSc
Satwika Desantina Muktiningsih, ST, MT.
Tedjo Wahono Adiputro., SE
Dwi Setyo Handoko, SP
Annisa’u Choirun, STP

Event Division
Sakunda Anggarini, STP, MSc, PhD
Nimas Mayang Sabrina S. STP, MP, PhD
Zaqlul Iqbal, STP, MSi
Jhauharotul Muchlisyiyah, S.TP, MP
Riska Septifani, STP, MP
Wendra G Rohmah, STP, MP
Dr. Eng. Evi Kurniati, STP, MT

Logistic Division
Latifa Putri Aulia, STP, MSc
Rhytia Ayu Christanty P. STP, MP, MSc
Rineke Slevijati
Dra. Yuniarni Retno Daryanti
Sase Adi Kriswanto
Luqman Kamim
Mogi Akbar Raharjo

Online Conference Division
Masā€™ud Effendi, STP, MP
Arif Hidayat, STP., M.AIT., Ph.D
Dyah Susanty Eny, ST
Meru Hatmoko, A.Md
Yefri Maulutdin
Eka Januard Firdaus
Eko Dwi Santoso


Milestone Date
Abstract Submission 20 February – 7 May 2021
Abstract Acceptance 21 May 2021
Manuscript (full paper) Submission 11 June 2021
Registration deadline 28 June 2021
Conference Day 6-7 July 2021